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Richard Garrod


Managing Director

Richard is a chartered health and safety professional with over 15 years experience working as a health and safety practitioner

    Richard’s career in health and safety began while working in the Army Air Corps where he was responsible for the handling and training of ammunition, refuelling and first aid. Techniques practiced in the armed forces set the foundation for Richards’ interest in public speaking and training; skills that now set Richard apart as a consultant.

    Later, Richard’s knowledge base broadened as he took on a health and safety specific role for a large construction company that focused on offices, construction and manufacturing before moving into the role of senior consultant for a respected London based health and safety consultancy where he worked across the corporate, warehousing, entertainment, factory and education sectors.

    Richard enjoys working with companies of all sizes to develop safe systems and drive forward lasting culture change with regards to effective health and safety. He is particularly passionate about nurturing fledgling businesses that need practical and cost-effective support.

    When not working you will most likely find him outdoors, with his family, playing games or listening to music.

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