Industries and Work Environments

Industries and Environments

Orbit Health and Safety have extensive experience working in the office and corporate industry. We can prepare Health and Safety Policies, and develop office risk assessments that are tailored to your work environment, which will include significant risks associated with your business activities. This can range from DSE assessments, business travel, first aid, fire, manual handling, and work at height.

We can also provide a range of training including fire warden, DSE, and manual handling that can be tailored to your workplace.

Theatres, cinemas and the entertainment sector presents many risks such as manual handling, work at height and fire safety. With these areas open to visitors and general public unfamiliar the premises it is crucially important that adequate measures are taken to protect both employees and members of the public.

Orbit have a wide range experience that incorporates completing risk assessments, safe systems of work, emergency procedures and may other services in this sector.
It’s important that you engage competent persons to assess and provide the right support in these environments. With potentially vulnerable people who may require a lot of care and assistance, health and safety needs to be the number one priority for both the people being cared for and the staff in care roles. Manual handling presents a significant risk of injury in this sector and we have the expertise to conduct specific risk assessments and bespoke training to those involved.
Charities, social enterprises and voluntary groups are required to adhere to relevant health and safety legislation. Given the variation in the works that are undertaken by third sector organisations the required services can vary, but will usually include access to a competent source of advice, health and safety policy, health and safety audit, health and safety risk assessment and fire risk assessment. Get in touch for a chat and to see how we can help you.
Orbit Health and Safety have experience working in the education sector at primary and secondary, colleges and universities. We have also worked with a number of Special Education Needs (SEN) schools to help manage health and safety. Our work includes fire risk assessments, audits, staff training, inspections and attending committee meetings with Head Teachers and Governors.
Our expertise includes health and safety in warehouse, workshop and factories. Director, Richard Garrod, specialises in warehouse safety having previously managed health and safety at a multinational roofing company. Director, James Flint, has previously worked in a laboratory and workshop, giving him the knowledge and experience working with machinery, forklift trucks and hazardous substances. At Orbit, we will work with you to manage health and safety to protect people from harm in these high risk environments.
Orbit have provided health and safety consultancy services in numerous restaurants, pubs, bars and nightclubs. Manual handling, fire safety, legionella risk and security including violence and aggression are key areas of focus in these sectors and need to be appropriately assessed and managed. At Orbit, we have the expertise to provide advice and guidance on how to safely manage these areas.
Orbit Health and Safety have worked across the UK in various retail shops, hotels and leisure centres. Each one of these can present significant risk of injury such as manual handling, fire safety and legionella risks. At Orbit, we have the skillset and competence to provide support and guidance on how to safely manage these areas.